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Chasar CD


The original album (AKA 'Gypsy Roller'), digitally mastered vinyl transfer.

"BUY and ENJOY! This is a treasure to discover.
    'Sweden Rock' magazine - 2001

" ... genuinely jaw-dropping musicianship ... It's intense. "
'100axes' website - 2002

" ... intimidating, wonderful, magnificent  ... this is progression on a level with
Zeppelin ('Houses of the Holy') and Rush ('Caress of Steel')"

'Kerrang!' magazine - 1985

" ... staggeringly high musicianship, screamin' at you like a multitude of
Malmsteens, Cobhams and Clarkes from every groove.
'Maga Metal Kerrang!' - 1986


'Official Bootleg'

A selection of demos from '82 to '87, some rough mixes etc., sourced from cassette.

Exit CD

'Turn The Page'

Original studio album originally released in the mid-1990s.

" ... adult progressive (hard)rock with subtlety and feeling ... of the highest
quality ...
don't miss out on this one."
'Sweden Rock' magazine - 2001

" ... intelligent progressive heavy rock with a slick-but-gritty sound pitched somewhere
between latter-day Rush and '10'-era Pearl Jam ...
themes of confusion, uncertainty,
searching and assorted gloom
... eerie guitars and drama. "

'100axes' website - 2002

No Dice CD

No Dice
Demo EP

New studio demo.

" ... surprisingly eclectic mix of tracks ... some very cool fusion-style guitar ...
dark, heavy and passionate
... "
'100axes' website - 2002

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